Company Brief

DurQ Machinery Corp. was founded in 1989 and specializes in the development of high quality Wood and Metal cutting machines.

Since our inception the company has invested heavily in the latest machinery, technology and in particular their people, to the point where they have become known among the world’s leading Power tool manufacturers as a highly capable and reliable supplier.

The name DurQ stands for “Durable and Reliable Quality” and every decision made by the company is based on this philosophy. A truly international company DurQ designs and manufactures both under its own brand and also the brands of many market leading power tool companies.

What does DurQ do ?.... and....Why do we do it better ?

Commencing business with the development of a world class 10” woodworking Table Saw we have demonstrated our flexibility and capability by expanding our range through a series of Table Saws, Mitre Saws, Abrasive and Dry Cut Metal cutting saws, to Circular Saws and routers. The most recent innovations are a dual function Metal Cutting Bandsaw and a unique 14”Metal and Wood cutting compound Mitre saw.
The scope of our capabilities is limited only by our imagination and that of our customers.

Building a special working relationship with our customers !

DurQ recognizes that to be competitive in today’s changing and highly demanding markets being price competitive and producing high quality products on time, every time is not enough.
To be truly successful we realize that we need to be more than just another manufacturer when it comes to being innovative in the areas of Product development and Customer Service.
To this end, we employ a highly skilled team of engineers, project managers and sales staff whose job it is to carefully monitor market trends and anticipate the future needs of our customers..
Whilst we do not have a franchise on good ideas, we do however pride ourselves on developing strong working relationships with our customers, taking their ideas and adding our own to turn good ideas into great products.
This partnership approach continues to work very well for both DurQ and our customers. It is just one of the many reasons why we have established so many successful long term customer relationships.

Manufacturing in-house to provide control and quality
Whether we manufacture in our highly automated facility in Taichung, Taiwan. Our latest German and Japanese machinery managed by highly trained manufacturing staff, is applied to deliver maximum manufacturing efficiency and absolute quality output. In particular we take great pride in designing and manufacturing our own motors, the powerhouse of our tools to ensure that our reputation for quality and durability remains unchallenged.

Research and Development… where smart ideas and quality products are born.

Research and Development, perhaps now more than ever before, is what sets companies apart in an increasingly competitive world.
DurQ has always been strongly focused on R&D and we re-invest a significant amount of our turnover each year on the continual development of new processes and products. Evidence of this success is demonstrated by the significant number of patents we hold.

DurQ is committed to quality !

Quality is always on the minds of our people. Quality communication,, Quality policies and procedures, Quality work environment and Quality customer service. They all combine to ensure that DurQ only produces Quality products we and our customers can be proud of.
Having held ISO9001 Quality accreditation for many years, we have adopted a continual improvement ethos over that time. We never rest in trying to do things better. Quality is not just a promise at DurQ it’s a way of life. From purchasing, inwards goods inspection, through product assembly and final inspection the quality focus at DurQ is obvious.

The DurQ offer.

The true test of DurQ’s success is the success our customers enjoy in turn from selling well engineered and well manufactured DurQ products.
We have achieved this many times over through the continued application of the principals mentioned throughout this Web site and by never ceasing to commit even more resource and energy as required.
DurQ’s future lies in continued application to what we do well and to product and customer diversity. To this end we welcome new customers, particularly those with fresh ideas that we can help turn into new and exciting products for world markets.
Why not contact us to discuss forming a winning relationship with DurQ.